Connecticut License Plates

The state of Connecticut began issuing motor vehicle license plates in 1905 and the letter C was followed by a number. From 1905 through 1916, Connecticut license plates were porcelain. In the middle of 1905, there were 3,000 vehicles registered in Connecticut and plates were issued in pairs. Between 1914 and 1956, Connecticut license plates had an embossing or metal cut-out of the year. The first multi-year license plates were issued in 1937 and continued until 1947 and were validated with metal tabs.

The first slogan "CONSTITUTION STATE" was embossed on Connecticut license plates in 1974 and continues today as a screen print on bottom of plate. Graphics on Connecticut license plates are rare and only modern license plates contain some screen printed designs of varied color shades with Connecticut, Constitution State and the map of the state were screen printed.The license plates of Connecticut are utilitarian and the design rarely changed. Connecticut introduced reflective aluminum license plates with black imprint in 1948. In 1974 Connecticut’s license plates were blue on reflective white. However, the state changed to a reflective white on blue in 1976 and this lasted until 2000. The use of reflective white numbers was achieved with glass beads.