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Alabama did not issue license plates until 1912. Prior to 1912, each city in the state issued its own license plate, as early as 1903. From 1912 through 1915, Alabama’s license plates were made of porcelain. From 1916, Alabama used metal (steel) to manufacture license plates.1955 through 1976 the slogan "HEART OF DIXIE" and a heart were embossed on Alabama’s license plates.From 1977 to 2004, this embossing was replaced with an imprint on the reflective foil of the plate. The word PRIVATE was embossed on all private auto license plates between 1922 through 1927. In 1937, all Alabama front license plates had the word FRONT embossed on the bottom.

Alabama introduced Retro reflective imprint on license plates in 1963.Retro-reflective white foil was introduced in Alabama in 1969 and the has continued because of Department of Transportation mandates.Colors of retro-reflective foils used include: reflective lemon-yellow, reflective mint-green and multi-color graphics on reflective white.Some car collectors think the "HEART OF DIXIE" license plates are the nicest plates ever issued and the demand for old Alabama license plates remains high.