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German License Plates

German license plates are one of the most popular license plates in the world among motoring enthusiasts. offers the widest selection of license plates from Germany of any online retailer. We have been manufacturing German license plates for over twenty-three (23) years and the blanks for these plates are imported from Germany for authenticity.  Independent price comparisons show offers the lowest prices on German license plates compared to other web stores because shipping is free to all USA addresses and German state decals and pollution stickers are included free with each purchase.

Our manufacturing experience combined with decals made with 3M or Avery retro-reflective material lends an authenticity which our competitors cannot fully match. delivers faster than any other online store –most of these stores depend on 3rd parties for manufacturing German license plates and customers wait  for over one month to receive their plate. delivers within a week in 99% of the time.

German license plates are officially supplied in three (3) sizes. is the only online retailer which offers all three sizes for sale (these sizes have been officially adopted by the European Commission for member countries):  Rectangular: (4.38 inches high x 20.44 inches wide / 110 mm x 520 mm);  Square: (8 inches high x 13.38 inches wide / 200mm high x 340mm) and MOTORCYCLES: (5.25 inches high x 9.5 inches wide / 130mm high x 240mm).   Requests from license plate enthusiasts have made us design and offer a USA style German license plates measuring approximately: 5.83 inches high x 11.73 inches wide / 148 mm high x 298 mm. also offers the Zoll or German Customs license plates for these motor enthusiasts who order a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche or Audi from the United States and other countries and then fly to the German factory to take possession of their car.  This gives the motoring enthusiast a chance to tour the modern German auto plants and test their new ride on the German Autobahn (there are no speed limits in certain areas of the Autobahn).  Each vehicle in these transaction is issued a Zoll or Customs license plate –this plate used to be an oval, but now it can be rectangular or square. is proud to offer both.