Most people driving by a small-town classic car show never associate this event with a global trade asset class in the billions. According to the annual global market for classic or collectable cars has grown from US $33.83 billion in 2021 and projected to reach US $43.37 billion in 2024. Many classic car collectors have seen rapid increases in the value of their vehicles while other assets like stocks and crypto declined considerably. Automotive restoration businesses have seen marked increases in their revenue growth as individuals and investors diversify their portfolios by pouring more cash into collectable classic cars -a hidden asset class. Classic car restorations are incomplete without installing Year of Manufacture license plates for a perfect look and to win more points when these cars are graded at car shows or in market value calculations.

RM Sotheby’s one of the leaders in high-end classic car sales and auctions, sent an email to the clients, consignors and partners stating that 2022 was an “extraordinary year” – the best year in the company’s history. This story is the same across the classic car marketplace because classic cars is becoming a more important part of asset portfolios for many investors. Leadership in the classic automobile market come with a dedication to excellence and detail in the restoration process of collector cars. From restoring the engine and interior to the color matching of the body paint and installation of authentic look Year of Manufacture license plates. RM Sotheby’s won the Best in Show prize at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for their restored 1932 Duesenberg J Figoni Sports Torpedo. The period license plate on this fine automobile was manufactured from grainy photo references by

Apart from the exceptional work done by RM Sotheby’s restoration team, this Best in Show 2022 car was the one of the few entrants with Year of Manufacture license plates. Attention to detail makes winning more possible and this helps to increase the price for cars in auctions once a show car is selected to be best in Show or Best in Class – especially at prestigious auto shows like Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

1932 Duesenberg J Figoni Sports Torpedo – Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Best in Show
2022 with license plates manufactured by

1932 Duesenberg J Figoni Sports Torpedo 1932 Duesenberg J Figoni Sports Torpedo

The last accessory which is installed on a collector car to be show-ready or auction ready are Year of Manufacture license plates. is the premier supplier of Year of Manufacture license plates for most major classic car restoration facilities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and for collectors in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE. From 1930 era Italian license plates to Saudi plates with Arabic characters, this Fort Lauderdale, Florida based company manufactures license plates in metal with correct sizes, layouts, colors and fonts with absolute precision with reliable on-time delivery for shows and auctions. Classic car sales and auction companies like Berliner Classic Motorcars and Driver Source Fine Motorcars install Year or Manufacture License plates from when selling their collector cars to high end investors and collectors or even to other classic car auction houses.

The restoration of classic cars is surely not limited to investors and the uber wealthy. Throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Saudi Arabia, the children and grand children are resorting classic cars they have inherited. An inherited car is a nostalgic heirloom and family members who decide on restoration are as careful as classic are as careful as classic car investors or museums in the process. Tight budgets may draw out restoration time, but the pride and nostalgia of the project is highest among classic car collectors. Families who inherit classic cars have the advantage of old photographs and registration documents which may be used as references when restoring their vehicles. They can also order Year of Manufacture license plates with the exact number as seen on old photographs. Many states like Montana and Rhode accept custom replica embossed metal license plates manufactured by Restored classic cars can increase in value more than stocks and real estate and while owners get to enjoy ownership by driving their classic cars and entering classic car shows. In many of these shows, the cars are evaluated and prizes or certificates may be awarded. Car shows can also attract potential buyers – some private while others can be representatives of auction houses or consignment dealerships. These activities at car shows help to grow the classic car market.

1935 Duesenberg SJ Mormon Meteor Special Speedster – Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Best in Show 2007 with license plates manufactured by

1935 Duesenberg SJ Mormon Meteor Special Speedster


Consultant for over 30 years to museums, Hollywood movies and classic car collectors. I manufacture Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates for the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. I have engineered a library of license plates colors/hues and fonts for (YOM) license plates.