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How Does Manufacture Its Plates

The license plate manufacturing process has basically remained the same for over one-hundred years.  Although the license plate manufacturing methodology has remained same, new technology and materials have made the process efficient producing license plates with a 7 year lifespan. manufactures license plates using modern technology and implements engineering methods which has been refined over the past 25 years.  The use of Aluminum as a base metal to manufacture license plates was introduced nearly 40 years ago in the United States replacing steel.  Steel was not a great choice for license plate manufacture because  of rusting.  The prison systems manufacturing license plates for the 50 states had to build elaborate etching and wash baths and elaborate paint facilities to prevent steel plates from rusting.  The European license plate manufacturers used Aluminum with the exception of the United Kingdom and Norway which used Acrylic.  The primary material used in license plate manufacturing today is Aluminum as a substrate which was covered with a retro-reflective film (known as sheeting in the industry).  This material was invented by 3M but many other companies have introduced  competing license plate sheeting like Avery Dennison, Nikolite and Orafol. (more…)

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