RHODE ISLAND STATUTES ALLOWING EXACT REPLICA LICENSE PLATES FOR THE STATE’S YEAR OF MANUFACTURE ANTIQUE CARS AND MOTOR CYCLES replica embossed metal license plates were presented by a group of Rhode Island car collectors to the state’s legislature in their quest to legalize Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates. In March 2022, the Legislature in Rhode Island enacted a statute allowing the use of exact replicas of metal embossed Rhode Island license plates for antique automobiles and motorcycles over 25 years old. These antique automobiles and motorcycles are used for exhibitions, parades, museum displays, car club activities and “…other functions of public interest”.

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Please review the Rhode Island Statute governing Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates below:

2022 Rhode Island General Laws
Title 31 – Motor and Other Vehicles
Chapter 31-1 – Definitions and General Code Provisions
Section 31-1-3. – Types of vehicles.

Universal Citation: RI Gen L § 31-1-3. (2022)

§ 31-1-3. Types of vehicles.

(a)(1) “Antique motor car” means any motor vehicle that is more than twenty-five (25) years old. Unless fully inspected and meeting inspection requirements, the vehicle may be maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest. The vehicle may also be used for limited enjoyment and purposes other than the previously mentioned activities, but may not be used primarily for the transportation of passengers or goods over any public highway.

(2) After the vehicle has met the requirements of state inspection, a registration plate may be issued to it on payment of the standard fee. The vehicle may be operated on the highways of this and other states, and may, in addition to the registration plate, retain the designation “antique” and display an “antique plate.”

(3) For any vehicle that is more than twenty-five (25) years old, the division of motor vehicles may also issue or approve, subject to rules and regulations that may be promulgated by the administrator, a “year of manufacture plate” for the vehicle that is an exact replica plate designating the exact year of manufacture of the vehicle. The year of manufacture plate, as authorized by this subsection, need only be attached to the rear of the vehicle.


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