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License Plate Replicas (800) 491-2068 world license plates

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One – Stop – Shop For License Plate Replicas and Frames

There are few online stores offering a wide variety of license plate replicas and license plate frames from around the world.  Most of these online stores offer me-too lines of license plates and cheap frames from China. The internet store with the widest variety of custom license plates and exclusive chrome finished stainless-steel frames is  -also known as “the Place for Plates”.   If a customer was looking for a South Korean license plate as seen on internet video “Gangnam Style”, the only place on the web where this plate can be purchased is –with your custom plate number.



While most internet websites offer a few license plate replicas from around the world, will satisfy the wants of virtually all auto enthusiasts.  A few weeks ago, a collector who owns a rare Fiat wanted to get the same Genoa license plates seen in a photo log of his car.  The team at reviewed the grainy black and white photos and turned out a pair of show-quality license plates much to the delight of the antique Fiat owner!

Creating reproduction license plates from this grainy photo:

old license plates- antique license plates

race car license plates

old license plate replication

Folks, if you need to replicate an old license plate from any country in the world, just send a photo to the team at and you will not believe your eyes when you see the reproduction.  Many car collectors from around the world count on to recreate license plates of yesteryear.

There are no other internet merchants offering recreations of old license plates specially commissioned by the US Military for stations around the world.  From Subic Bay to Guantanamo Bay and from the US Occupation Forces in Germany to Japan, has made many of retired servicemen and women extremely pleased to finally be able to bolt on an antique license plate with a cherished number on a restored Jeep, Motorcycle or antique vehicle.  The recreated license plates are  Aluminum which are embossed with raised letters and numbers and professionally painted to create a realistic look.  The youthful days of veterans living in foreign lands and adapting to a different culture has enriched their life experiences.  Imagine a military retiree reminiscing driving a US Army Jeep in post-war Berlin, Germany.  Now imaging if he gets a gift from his kids of a license plate replica with a special number for his birthday –memories are a pleasant way for people to appreciate their past.  Here are a few Military license plate offered by

germany license plate

germany license plate

cuba license plate

okinawa antique license plate

japan license plates

turkish license plate


korea-military license plate

austria license plate us military

subic bay license plate replica is the only online retailer offering license plate frames which are eco-friendly –free of lead, mercury and cadmium.  In an era when the lowest price is the order of the day, designed a line of exquisite license plate frames and ensured the choicest materials were used in manufacturing.  There is no need for health warning labels on the license plate frames unlike many online merchants selling “heavy” license plate frames –which may contain lead.   These sleek design stainless-steel license plate frames are hand-polished to ensure a perfect finish with bright chrome and are a perfect accessory for your custom license plate or official plate.  Please check your state to ensure that the installation of license plate frames are permitted.

Call us today or visit our website to order one of our authentic license plate replicas from around the world.

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