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Buy Eco Friendly License Plate Frames 800-491-2068

Online Shopping for Eco Friendly License Plate Frames 

Your chance to find a well chrome finished eco friendly license plate frame online or in big-box stores is slim to none if you depend on search engines.  Most Google or Bing organic searches will lead online shoppers to license plate frames mostly made in China.   Some of the packaging will reveal many of these license plate frames contain the heavy metal lead –which is hazardous to humans.  Many merchants advertise their license plate frames are heavy, but the shopper may not be aware that the heavy attribute may be due to lead content.  Many of these frames are made by molding of molten metal and molded license plate frames have imperfect finishes.  Hidden away from online shoppers are probably the best license plate frames –finished to ISO-9002 standards and free from hazardous metals like lead, mercury and cadmium according to SGS, a Geneva, Switzerland independent laboratory.  These virtually perfect eco friendly license plate frames are precision minted by stamping aircraft grade stainless-steel by

Each license plate frame marketed by is minted from the best available stainless-steel and hand polished before being finished in glittering chrome or Onyx-gloss Black.  Engineering standards are designed to meet or exceed the criteria established by ISO and will not offer any license plate frame on its website which does not up to ISO-9002 standards.  Each license plate frame marketed under the AutoMark brand name by was designed to fit 6” x 12” standard license plates perfectly and to add elegance to your car.  To add uniformity, also includes chrome or black screw cap covers so screw heads will be hidden.   Aircraft grade stainless steel is not heavy, but strong with zero chance of corrosion or rusting –even in areas close to the ocean or where roads are salted during winter. also offers customization of its line of wide (top/bottom/top + bottom) license plate frames.  From laser marking to diamond engraving, can add your custom message on the best quality license plate frames.   Customers with a specific logo can request addition to custom license plate frames. is not the place to shop for gaudy chain link, barb-wire or palm tree license plate frames –they only offer elegant minted-look license plate frames which adds subtle sophistication to your automobile.   A close inspection of AutoModa brand frames offered by will encourage auto enthusiasts to choose the best minted-engineered and eco friendly license plate frames in the market.

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Consultant for over 30 years to museums, Hollywood movies and classic car collectors. I manufacture Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates for the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. I have engineered a library of license plates colors/hues and fonts for (YOM) license plates.