Connecticut License Plates

Connecticut License Plates The state of Connecticut began issuing motor vehicle license plates in 1905 and the letter C was followed by a number.  From 1905 through 1916, Connecticut license plates were porcelain.  In the...

Arizona License Plates

Arizona License Plates Arizona Territory cities issued motor vehicle license plates starting from about 1909. Arizona became a state in the union in 1912 but the earliest Arizona License Plates sample found was a 1914 white...

Delaware License Plates

Delaware License Plates Delaware first registered motor vehicles in 1905, but few of these plates exist.  In 1909, the mandate by the state of Delaware for motor vehicle Delaware License Plates was passed and these...

C7 Corvette

The new C7 Corvette sold for 1 million dollars.. We would love to make a customized set of license plate for this one - of - a - kind - super car!  

Foreign and Old USA State License Plates 800-491-2068

Growing Popularity of Foreign and Old USA State License Plates   American auto enthusiasts crave foreign and old state license plates.  Many Americans immigrated from countries as diverse as Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan install license plates from...

District of Columbia & Washington D.C.

District of Columbia & Washington D.C. The District of Columbia & Washington D.C. license plates have a long history because it is home to all three branches of the Federal Government.  There were over 2,000 motor...

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