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CAR SHOW SEASON   SPRING FEVER = THE CAR SHOW SEASON IS HERE From Amlelia Island and Boca Raton in Florida to cities and towns across America, the 2014 car show season is here.  The car show...

Maryland License Plates

Maryland License Plates Maryland License Plates registered 9,000 vehicles from 1904 to 1910 when the state first started to issue license plates. In 1910, Maryland license plates were manufactured in a thin metal which was crudely...

Kansas License Plates

Kansas License Plates Cities and counties in Kansas started registering motor vehicles as early as 1904. Some of the cities and counties issued porcelain license plates while other required motor vehicle owners to get their...

Illinois License Plates

Illinois License Plates The first State of Illinois issued Illinois license plates started in 1907 pursuant to legislative statute and the plate in 1911 was flat, in 1912 the plates were perforated and 1n 1913,...

Idaho License Plates

Idaho License Plates Idaho license plates were not issued by the state until 1913.  City governments were responsible for registering motor vehicles from 1909 through 1912.  The first Idaho license plates were made of porcelain,...

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