CAR SHOW SEASON   SPRING FEVER = THE CAR SHOW SEASON IS HERE From Amlelia Island and Boca Raton in Florida to cities and towns across America, the 2014 car show season is here.  The car show...

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Check out the collage of all of the plates that we have done for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Tell us what you think.  

C7 Corvette

The new C7 Corvette sold for 1 million dollars.. We would love to make a customized set of license plate for this one - of - a - kind - super car!  

Mercedes 300 SEL Gull Wing

Just had the pleasure of seeing a 1955 Mercedes 300 SEL Gull Wing - what a beauty. Read more about the 300 SEL Gull Wing here:  

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License Plate Replicas (800) 491-2068 world license plates

One - Stop - Shop For License Plate Replicas and Frames There are few online stores offering a wide variety of license plate replicas and license plate frames from around the world.  Most of these...

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