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License Plate Custom Manufacturing History

The purpose of a license plate is to provide an accurate identity of a vehicle and the owner of vehicle at all times.  Other names used for license plate include: Car tag,...

European License Plates On Cars In The United States

Drive around parking lots in Florida or Georgia or any state without an official front license plate requirement, you will find cars with European license plates installed.  This trend was started...

The Business Of Car Collecting With Younger Buyers Adding Accessories Like License Plates

Prelude As the baby boomer generation population decrease, the Gen-X collectors are stepping into the market.  There may be fewer collectors of high end cars with expensive price tags,...

Manufacturing Year of Manufacture Custom License Plates

Manufacturing custom license plates to match Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates is a very tedious task.  There is the issue of layouts, font styles, colors, border types and special symbols.  Any manufacturer has to...

The License Plate

  License Plate also referred to as a Vehicle registration plate was first issued in France back in 1893.  In 1901 the State of New York mandated the issue of license plates and Massachusetts followed...

Custom License Plate – Vanity License Plate

  A custom license plate or vanity license plate can be official (issued by government) or a license plate designed by a private individual with a specific number or message to be used on a...

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